We provide legal services for entrepreneurs. We also advise individual clients, in particular when conducting real estate transactions. We provide legal services in Polish, English and French. In order to provide you with the most comprehensive services we work with experienced tax advisors and accountants, notary and bailiff offices, construction managers, and architects.

Online legal services

Adjusting to your needs and the changeability of economic relations, we provide online legal services. Online legal services are carried out only at your request and when the scope of the request allows it. Through online services it is possible to prepare, in particular, agreements, statements, powers of attorney, regulations, protocols, resolutions, summons, legal opinions and other documents, as well as to obtain legal advice or opinion. Detailed information on the provision of online services can be found in the Regulations.

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We offer

Preparation and analysis of contracts, statements, powers of attorney, regulations, minutes, resolutions, summons and other documents

We draw up contracts, statements, powers of attorney, regulations, minutes, resolutions, summons, legal opinions and other documents. We carry out analyzes and review contractual provisions. We advise and represent you in the course of negotiations both at the stage of concluding contracts as well as aimed at an amicable settlement arising from a contract dispute. We coordinate your cooperation with a notary public if the legal transaction requires a form of a notarial deed. We prepare and negotiate contracts primarily with care to secure your interests. At your request and when the scope of the legal matter allows it, the drafts of the documents are prepared via online legal services.

Conducting negotiations both at the stage of concluding contracts and aimed at amicable settlement of the dispute

We advise and represent you both at the stage of conducting business negotiations, as well as aimed at amicable settlement of the dispute arising between the parties. We support in choosing the right negotiation strategy. We prepare documentation confirming the arrangements made by the parties, in particular relevant annexes and agreements or recommend taking appropriate actions. We advise on legal consequences of the result the negotiations. Negotiations are performed in the form most convenient for you, i.e. during direct meetings, by telephone or via e-mail.

Providing of legal advice and preparing legal opinions

We provide legal advice during direct meetings as well as in writing. Advices are the answers to your legal questions. For more complex issues, we offer you the preparation of written legal opinions. In addition to answering your questions, opinions may also include a proposal to resolve legal problems and a description of the consequences of adopting specific solutions. If the complexity of the legal matter allows it, both opinions and legal advices are provided at your request also through online legal services.

Conducting court proceedings and representation before the courts, law enforcement authorities, public and local government administration

We represent you as proxies in proceedings before common and administrative courts, arbitration courts, public and local government administration bodies, as well as mediators. We provide legal representation in relations with institutions, offices, including tax authorities. We supervise the course of enforcement proceedings. We draw up pleadings, applications, forms and other documents. The most frequent court proceedings conducted by the Law Firm include registration proceedings as well as the proceedings regarding changes to entries in the National Court Register, as well as payment cases.

Trainings in the field of the Law Firm's specializations

We run trainings for business entities as well as individual clients from various branches of law, in particular in the field of the Law Firm's specializations. The thematic area and scope of trainings are always prepared in a way tailored to your needs. Each training is conducted in a form that is as interesting as possible for participants and taking into account their current knowledge of the law. We offer, in particular, trainings in the field of legal and tax aspects of real estate transactions (sales, lease, implementation of construction and finishing works) and the investment process, provisions on personal data protection, labor law, employment of foreigners, establishment and functioning of commercial law companies.

Are you looking for online legal services?
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For entrepreneurs

Since 2011, we have been providing legal services to business entities operating in the real estate sector, in the housing, office, hotel, service and multifunctional construction industries. We are constantly monitoring changes in legislation and case law in the field of real estate transactions. We know a lot about trends and changes on the real estate market, both locally and across Poland. When providing legal services to entrepreneurs, we combine theoretical knowledge in the field of real estate transactions with practical experience not only in the area of ​​application of legal provisions, but also obtained during meetings and negotiations, visits to construction sites or deliveries of real estates.

  • we help at the stage of searching for a property and carry out due diligence
  • we advise on tender procedures and projects under the public-private partnership
  • we provide legal services throughout investment and construction processes
  • we give legal opinions, prepare and negotiate among other sales, credit, insurance, franchise, brokerage, rental, lease, lease management as well finishing works contracts
  • we represent business entities as a proxy in transactions before the notary public
  • we prepare templates of delivery and acceptance protocols, take part in deliveries of the premises and help respond to customers’ claims
  • we advise on investment commercialization processes
  • we conduct payment cases
  • we conduct trainings in legal and tax aspects of real estate transactions

For individual clients

Many years of experience and knowledge of good practices on the real estate market allow us to make a professional assessment of the contractual terms proposed to you. We assist you with the transactions of purchase and sale of real estate, as well as the lease and performance of finishing works with care for the best protection of your interests. We inform you about the risks associated with various types of transactions and possible contract performance securities and we offer the most optimal solutions. We do our best to conduct the negotiations as quickly and as efficiently as possible, because we know that time on the real estate market is of a high importance.

  • we carry out the analyses of the legal status of real estate (land and mortgage registers, land and buildings register and other registers, analysis of the original sales agreement, other decisions and documents)
  • we advise on how to conduct the transaction, the type and form of agreements, as well as on establishing and releasing real estate from mortgages and other encumbrances
  • we give opinions, draw up and negotiate sales, credit, insurance, rental, rental management, brokerage contracts, agreements with architects, interior designers, construction companies
  • we represent you as a proxy in transactions before the notary public as well as during the delivery of the premises
  • we provide legal assistance in implementing investment plans related to real estate
  • we advise on tax aspects of transactions
  • we help in pursuing claims under concluded contracts
  • we conduct payment cases

We represent investors, construction companies and architects throughout the entire investment process. We provide legal services for major investments carried out by professional developers. We also help in the implementation of small construction projects, for example single-family houses. We advise investors starting from the stage of searching for land or developed property for the purpose of implementation of an investment, through obtaining financing, design stage, choosing contractors and signing relevant contracts, submitting notifications of construction works or obtaining building permits, as well as during performance of repair works. We help general contractors and subcontractors to negotiate optimal contractual provisions, in particular with a view to maintain financial liquidity during the implementation of construction works.


We draw up and give opinions on contracts clearly indicated in legal regulations (named contracts) and unnamed contracts, i.e. the types of contracts that have arisen in the course of development of business transactions. We specialize, among others, in preparing sales, exchange, lease, construction works, insurance, loan, credit, lease, guarantee, barter cooperation and donation agreements as well as contracts of mandate and specific tasks contracts. When analyzing the contract, we pay attention not only to the legal but also tax consequences of each transaction. We draw up contracts in such a way as to secure their performance to the highest extent. We provide complete services in scope of debt collection, starting from drawing up requests for payment and agreements through legal proceedings until court bailiff proceedings.


We provide comprehensive services related to the creation, registration and business activity of economic entities. We advise on choosing the appropriate form of business, both in terms of legal regulations and taxes. We prepare statues, founding acts, articles of association and their amendments as well as all documents and applications necessary for registering a company in the National Court Register. We represent business entities in the registration proceedings. We provide legal services for companies’ bodies, we prepare all kinds of documentation related to the functioning of business entities, including protocols, resolutions and internal legal acts. As part of ongoing legal services, we care about adjusting the functioning of business entities to the changeability of legal regulations.


We carry out analysis of decisions issued by the tax authorities and administrative courts. We prepare legal opinions on VAT, income taxes (CIT and PIT), excise and customs duties, as well as local taxes. We advise on the assessment of the tax consequences of transactions. We prepare applications for individual interpretations of tax law. We represent you in proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts. We specialize in the tax aspects of real estate transactions. We run trainings for entrepreneurs, in particular developers and real estate agents, in the field of tax consequences of sales, lease and finishing works.


We provide legal assistance in the field of administrative law, in particular in areas such as construction law, spatial development law and real estate management. We assist in obtaining decisions, permits, concessions and licenses. We prepare legal opinions and analyzes; we draw up motions, complaints, letters, as well as appeals against decisions of public and local government administration. We represent you in proceedings before administrative courts.


We prepare, implement, and help entrepreneurs to apply internal documentation on the protection of personal data. We conduct GDPR audits, we identify business processes existing in the organization, suggest how to assess the risks related to processing of personal data, as well as with whom to conclude an agreement for processing of personal data. With your cooperation, we prepare comprehensive documentation on the protection of personal data for your company. When performing ongoing legal services, we offer assistance in the annual verification of documentation and react to changes in legal regulations and law interpretations in order to ensure your organization is in compliance with applicable regulations. We also offer trainings for employees in the field of personal data protection.


We advise employees as well as business entities in matters of labor law as well as civil law forms of employment. We offer ongoing legal services for entrepreneurs in the area of drafting employment contracts, contracts of mandate, specific tasks contracts, cooperation agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements, as well as regulations and other employment documents, taking into account the obligations related to the processing of personal data. We provide consultancy services in termination of the employment relationship, including civil law forms of employment. We help in obtaining funds for the creation of new jobs and internships organization. Legal assistance for employees includes, in particular, an analysis and negotiations of contractual conditions, assessment of employee’s entitlements during the term of the employment as well as in connection with termination of the employment.


We assist in employing foreigners from outside the European Union, especially Ukraine. We help employers in assessing the possibilities of employing a foreigner in Poland, as well as determining the appropriate form of employment. We prepare documentation in order to employ a foreigner on the basis of a statement on the entrusting of the performance of work, to obtaining a seasonal work permit, as well as work permit. We advise individual clients in particular in connection with completing the formalities related to obtaining a uniform temporary residence and work permit.


The amount of the remuneration and the remuneration rules are agreed with you individually, taking into account the scope and type of services, as well as the necessary workload.

Depending on your preferences, we offer the following remuneration systems:

  • fixed amount of remuneration (remuneration in the agreed amount for the performance of a specific legal service),
  • hourly remuneration (the amount of remuneration determined on the basis of the number of hours of legal services),
  • flat-rate remuneration (remuneration in a flat-rate monthly amount for ongoing legal services)
  • remuneration for handling the court proceedings combined with additional remuneration for the successful outcome of the case, i.e. success fee.
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